We’re family-friendly during the day, but strictly 21+ at 8pm daily. Ages 5 and up are required to pay $12 admission.

Guests under 16 must be attended at all times by parent/guardian.



We serve delicious fresh artisan pizzas, salads, and desserts. Check out our Food page for our full menu. Trust us — it’s good.


What's on tap?

At Cidercade, we only serve what we make, so for us that’s Bishop Cider products. We also have plenty of soda available if adult bevs aren’t your thing. Check out the Drinks page for details.

LFAQ (Less Frequently Asked Questions)

We list out every question we receive. We can't make this stuff up.

Can I come by myself?

Yeah, we actually got this question. Yes, please do. You'll make friends.

Is there a dress code?

The fact that you ask makes us want to start one. But currently, no.

Is this real?

For real, for real.

If I come before 8pm, can I stay past 8pm even though I’m not 21?

This isn’t the loophole you think it is. Sorry, 21+ means 21+ only.

Does it get crowded?

Yes. On Friday and Saturday nights it can get a little crazy. If you don't like crowds, come on a weekday.

Are the games really free?

Yes. They just cost your time and frustration.

Is the cider sold in stores or in bars/restaurants?

Yes! All across Texas. If you are local, check any craft place or Central Market, Whole Foods, Spec's, Total Wine, etc. Use our CiderFinder to find it near you.

I'm X years old, but ______ (insert excuse for the lack of ID here). Can I still drink?

Ummm.. no.

Do you have pool tables? Air hockey? Bowling? A swimming pool?

Yes, yes, no, and no. See our Games page for the full list.

What is the age limit?

85. If you meant the minimum, all ages are welcome during the day, but we are 21+ starting at 8pm. And no, “almost 21” and “pretty much 21” don’t count.

I'm a Nigerian Prince, can you help me?


Do you serve Cider Beers?

No, because there is no such thing. We serve cider, aka hard cider.

Are you handicap accessible?

Of course. We have ADA-compliant restrooms and a ramp to get in.

Do y’all do birthday parties / corporate events / team building there?

Yes! Check out our Events page for the deets.

What's the pricing for adult beverages?

They start at $7.

Is this place non-smoking?

Inside it is.

Is there a good place where we can make a toast?

Is there a bad place for a toast?

Do you take cards or only cash?

Who doesn't take cards? Yes, we only take cards.

What are the beer options?


Can my fiancée come with me?

Is she just looking for reasons to use that ear-cringing word? What kind of question is this?

Am I allowed to bring in cupcakes?

As long as you bring in one more than you need. But yes, cake of any size is welcome.

Do you sell cans to go?


If I want to leave and then come back and then leave and come back again, can I do that?

Just keep your wristband on, and you can go in and out as you please.

Can I use a passport as my ID?

Yep. Any valid government issued ID will work. A blurry photo of a license belonging to some guy who vaguely looks like you probably won’t work though.

Are you dog-friendly?

We’re friendly to dogs, but we don’t let them inside.

Do y’all allow concealed carry?

No. Please don’t bring firearms to Cidercade.

Still got questions?